Jett Medical Plasma Lift

Finesse Aesthetics & Beauty is proud to be the first salon in Teesside to introduce Jett Medical Plasma Pen a non-surgical state-of-the-art technology used to lift eyelids, eyebags and many other facial wrinkles.

Whether it’s the sagging skin around your eyes or a drooping jowl, no one wants to deal with the frustrating skin problems that happen so frequently as we age. You’re not alone in wondering if there’s a way to quickly rejuvenate and help your skin look tighter and firmer. Finally, though, there is – the Jett Medical Plasma Pen.

Jett Medical Plasma Pen is unique - it is the only plasma device currently available to offer Direct Current technolgy for improved safety and stability.


So What Is Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, there is liquid, gas, solid and plasma. The gas in the air is ionized to produce a small electrical arc, similar to a lightning bolt or plasma shower. The process is called ionization and causes instant constriction and tightening of the skin fibres, resulting in a reduction of the skin surface. Plasma energy affects the deep dermal layers offering amazing results in skin lifting and tightening, and  thus a decrease in wrinkles and reduction in loose skin within the treated areas.



Why Choose Jett Medical Plasma?

Because not all plasma is created equal. Jett Medical Plasma uses uniques Direct Current technology which is patented so there will never be another pen the same as it. Direct Current technology creates a continual flow of electrical current, making it extremely precise and accurate, with no damage to the surrounding skin tissue. Unlike alternating current devices which causes more damage to the surrounding skin and a less precise treatment.

Jett Medical Plasma Direct Current
Jett Medical Plasma Direct-Current-
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So, what is the difference between direct and alternating current?

The air around us is full of - and + ions in varying numbers which cannot be controlled that travel back and forth in an irregular motion. AC Current devices charge both these ions to cause a small magnetic field that splits the plasma arc into a plasma shower, with a force down towards the skin which then bouces back towards the tip of the device which in many cases are actually destroyed due to the force of this action and need to be renewed for every treatment.

Because the number of – and + ions in the air around us cannot be controlled, the plasma shower produced by an AC device will vary in size and direction, with the dots created being irregular in both size on the surface of the skin and depth in to the skin. This is likely to create excessive skin tissue damage with an uneven and extended healing time.

With direct current, the electrons only flow in one direction (toward the skin), offering stability and precision that cannot be achieved with AC technolgy. Dot size can be controlled to 0.1mm (comparable with the average dot of AC being 0.4mm) and depth will be even throughout. Overall DC means less damage to the skins surface, conformed depths, resulting in a more even and controlled treatment area, thus reducing downtime, risk of hyper-pigmentation, scaring , puckering of the skin (caused by large dots and uneven depths) and excessive swelling often reported around the eye area with AC plasma pens.




What Can Jett Medical Plasma Treat?

  • Hooded Eyes
  • Eyebags
  • Crows Feet
  • Frown Lines
  • Forehead Lines
  • Nasal Folds
  • Smokers Lines
  • Crepey Neck

Frequently Asked Questions

Jett Medical Plasma Lift, Before & After
Jett Medical Plasma Lift, Before & After

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