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Vani-T Sunless Tanning


Everyone feels better with a bit of colour, it cheers us up, makes us feel healthier, look slimmer and disguises cellulite and scarring. Finesse Aesthetics & Beauty promotes self tanning because it is a way of achieving a fantastic golden tan without subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays. The great thing about having a self tan is you can enjoy it at any time of the year, which means that you can look gorgeous, healthy and glowing whenever you want.

Indulge yourself with a glowing natural looking tan at any time of year. Not only will you look healthy and radiant, it also helps hide those ugly veins and stretch marks you normally prefer to keep under wraps.

Arguably Australia's best export since Kylie Minogue, Vani-T Liquid Sun has been making its presence felt on British shores lately, clocking up plenty of column inches in fashion and beauty magazines and winning a number of celebrity fans.

In a world where we're ever more conscious about the potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients we're subjecting our skin to, Vani-T set itself apart from competitors by developing a product with a natural, organic formula.

Since Vani-T products are free of alcohol, artificial fragrances and chemicals, not only will they produce a flawless tan, but they act as a treatment, too, with the natural botanicals, essential oils, multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants working to boost the skin's condition, firming and rehydrating it.

The Rolls Royce of tanning, Vani-T Liquid Suns micro-emulsion technology offers better penetration and delivery of the active ingredients, giving deeper, darker results, extra longevity and superior fading.

Vani-T Liquid Sun Full Body Spray  £24

15 mins approximately

Vani-T Liquid Sun Full Body Spray with Body Polish £33

60 mins approximately

You will be asked to remove your clothing. We will provide you with a pair of paper tangas to wear throughout your treatment.

Tie your hair back away from your face.

We will ask you to wear a pair of sticky sole's to prevent your feet discolouring.

We will prepare your skin with oil free moisturiser. This is applied as a barrier cream over your hands, knees, elbows and feet to ensure your spray tan blends naturally.

Relax and enjoy your spray which will be followed by a warm air body blow to ensure your tan is dry before you re-dress.

The whole treatment lasts about 15 minutes. Your spray tan will not smell of DHA, the tell-tale sign of a recently applied tan. The initial tan colour you'll see is actually the cosmetic guide colour.

Vani-T Liquidsun Poster

The Procedure

In Salon Vani-T Spray Tan
In Salon Vani-T Spray Tan 2
How natural is the spray tan colour?
Vani-T spray tans will give you an authentic, gorgeous tan with a very natural bronze colour to suit your complexion.

How long will my tan last?
Vani-T spray tans can last 7-10 days, with a little after care. Follow our tips above, to extend the life of your tan.

Are spray tans safe?
Spray/lotion tans are the ONLY safe way to tan, with no exposure to dangerous, skin-damaging UV radiation. In addition, the Vani-T spray tan formula is all-natural, so it's safe when it's absorbed into your skin.

Are Vani-T spray tans safe for sensitive skin?
Vani-T spray tans contain NO artificial fragrances, preservatives or harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin

Do I have to take all of my clothes off?
You can wear whatever you like, we provide paper tangas but you could wear a bikini or your own underwear if you prefer.

Will the spray tan stain my clothes?
Some of the bronzer solution will come off on your clothes, so we recommend you wear dark, loose clothing to the session. In addition we recommend cotton fabrics, as the bronzer will wash out without staining.

Do I have to wear sunscreen when I have a spray tan?
Yes, you should apply sunscreen when you are outside, since the spray tan gives you no protection against the sun.

How long does a spray tan take?
The spray will take 5-10 minutes. After that, it will take about another 5 minutes for your tan to dry and you to get dressed.

Does my face get sprayed?
Yes, we apply a fine spray to the face, so that it blends well with the tan colour on your body.

Does the spray tan keep developing?
Yes, your spray tan will continue to darken after your session. You will notice the bronzer solution washing off your skin during your first shower.

How often should I moisturise?
You should aim to moisturise twice a day to maximise the life of your tan, and to ensure that your tan fades evenly.

Can I wear makeup?
Yes, you can apply makeup after your first shower.

What is the best way to remove my spray tan?
We recommend that you soak in a bath for 20 minutes and then scrub with a loofah to exfoliate.
Vani-T Spray Tan Post Development
My own client after Vani-T development
My own clients sprayed with Vani-T showing guide colour
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