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Treatment Time - 30 minutes
Cost - Single Treatment £35, Course of 6 £190
Maintenance Treatments - Every 4 Weeks

Slim Fit LED Light Therapy can be combined with many other treatments producing even better results


Slim Fit LED mask is a light therapy treatment that rejuvenates the skin in a multitude of ways. Using three light treatment settings and one galvanic current, the Slim Fit LED mask is used to nourish, restore and rebalance the skin, with anti-ageing capabilities. The mask’s three treatment settings allow for the treatment of multiple skin conditions, using the red light for skin rejuvenation, blue to treat acne, purple for anti-inflammatory, healing and aftercare, plus galvanic current to nourish and allow the pores to absorb nutrients.
Slim Fit LED Light Therapy
Slim Fit Blue LED Light Therapy
Galvanic Mode

The Galvanic mode can be used in conjunction with any of the LED lights. It is very beneficial to the skin, helping to increase blood circulation, thus delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This helps purify the skin and removes waste. It also stimulates muscle tone via the positive and negative charges of current.
Mode 1: Red LED Light

ANTI AGEING – 630nm + 830nm

Increased Collagen Production
Increased Elasticity
Wrinkle Reduction
Tighter and Youthful Skin
Reduces Rosacea
Aids in the Recovery of Chemical Peels
Heals Sun Damaged Skin
Mode 2: Blue LED Light

ANTI BACTERIAL – 415nm + 830nm

Reduction in Acne
Prevention of Breakouts
Kills Bacteria on Skin
Clears Blemishes
Prevents Oily Skin
Mode 3: Purple LED Light

415nm + 630nm + 830nm

Reduces Swelling
Speeds up recovery after Botox and Fillers
Stimulates mitochondrial and ATP within the skin cells, which creates and extends the life of anti-ageing enzymes

Also a combination of Red and Blue LED light provides Mode 1 and Mode 2 benefits
POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS? No long term side effects, however your skin can appear a little pink immediately following the treatment.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Pregnancy, breast feeding, epilepsy

AFTER CARE: Avoid other heat or light treatments such as Laser, sauna, steam, jacuzzi or hot baths for 24 hours following treatments. Daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is recommended
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