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IBD Acrylic Nail Extensions


ibd acrylic products offer superior adhesion, maximum flexibility as well as excellent wear and durability.

Acrylic nails, also known as artificial nails, are great for those longing to have gorgeous nails but who do not have them due to poor nail growth, biting, damage etc. They are also ideal when you are going to a wedding or on holiday and need a set of FABulous nails instantly

As with all artificial nail extensions, acrylic nails can be used as an overlay over your natural nail to avoid breakage or can be sculpted to add length. Whenever possible we sculpt the entire nail from cuticle to tip (rather than using stick on tips) for superior strength and a perfect finish

Acrylic nails should be re-balanced every 2-3 weeks as your nails grow. The use of cuticle oil is strongly recommended to keep your enhancements flexible, prolong their life & reduce the risk of breakage & lifting.

After removal I recommend IBX or Nailtiques artificial kit to improve your natural nails quickly.

IBD Sculptured Nails

I don't tip - I sculpt. No glue sculptured acrylics are stronger, more realistic and have a superior finish. 

Full Set £33

120 mins approximately

Infill & Rebalance 

Not just a fill the cuticle area is maintained and the entire enhancement is restructured for balance and beauty. Includes one broken nails if needed (extra nails £3 each)

Full Set £25

90 mins approximately

Forever French
For clients who wish to maintain the permanent French manicure, the whole surface of the nail is renewed.

Full Set £33
120 mins approximately

Single Nail £5

Regular Polish add £5

Gel Polish add £10

Nail Art - Individually Priced

Remove & IBX/Nailtiques Replenish £25

Includes professional soak off, nail & cuticle tidy, IBX & Nailtiques application, nourish

75 mins approximately



French Sculptured Acrylics
Sculptured Nails with French Glitter Tips and 3D Sculpted Bows
Are acrylic nails harmful to your real nails if you wear them all the time?
Some people who wear artificial, gel or acrylic nails may notice a slight discolouration or coarsening of their natural nails. But a more serious nail problem resulting from artificial nails is infection. This is very rare and is usually the result of poor sanitary conditions and improper hygiene. No client at Finesse has ever suffered from this and we pride ourselves on our standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Do nail extensions come off?
If properly cared for your Extensions should not come off. Biting and picking are the most common causes of lifting which can damage the natural nail. Once lifting has occurred it can be exaggerated by certain hand creams and oils, in particular those containing lanolin, mineral oil or paraffin. These products are not absorbed by the skin but remain on the surface to penetrate any gaps that develop between the natural nail and the enhancement. Check all such products for these ingredients by reading the labels first.

Do nail extensions break?
Yes. They are designed to break under impact to protect the natural nail. A broken enhancement can be repaired or replaced easily, contact me for details.

How To Care For Acrylic Nail Extensions?
Artificial Nail Extensions involves a trade-off: In exchange for you having consistently beautiful nails, you must try and visit me regularly, I advise every 2 to 3 weeks. You must also take greater care to protect your nails from damage or breakage. Make sure you follow the care advice given.
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